About Us


Our ambition is to create an independent, standing on the side of the Investor consulting company, offering highly-specialized services in all segments of real estate market.


Hotel properties segment differs from other segments of the real-estate market.

Realization of the hotel investment requires broad knowledge and professional preparation. 10-15 years ago an average localization with foreign-sounding name of the hotel, as well as few architectural eye-catching tricks, were sufficient for a hotel to be well sold.

Today the market is in many places oversaturated, best locations often are not available, competition is very strong and client completely different – conscious and demanding.

On such a market shall win most qualified investors, able to plan, execute and manage hotel investment.

True hospitality experts

In subsequent years this tendency will deepen and places where everything, always could be sold to anyone shall disappear.

The market already evolves towards specialization and everybody who would like to enter shall need professional support and advice.


Today's commercial real estate market is divided between two worlds. World of real estates, which fall within the definition of  "Triple A" , which are expensive, large, well-located and those others which are called as "non-core", for which there is less financing, that are less visible and for many players remain unnoticed. Unfairly. Non-core projects create vast majority of the market and often offer better profitability and higher rates of return. We are here to bring them to the daylight, show to the widest possible audience, help you determine the best hand, and at the end to increase their value for the Owners.


The housing market has become very competetive. The purchasing power of customers is growing slowly, but awareness and their expectations have increased greatly. The success of the project depends on details. Two located next to each other projects can be characterized by extremely different sales results. The secret lies in the approach to the customer and such defining of the product and the presentation of the offer that the customer would no longer continue to look for another.


Many interesting projects fell because they did not find a suitable partner or did not properly define its cash needs. Also, many completely misguided concepts have raised financing because their owners knew where to find it.  We believe that despite the harsh lesson given to all - both investors and financial institutions - by the last crisis, the situation still take a place. Therefore, owners need advisors, objective and competent, who will help the good project become even better and determine an optimal funding scenario by the same time protecting the investor against excessive risk overinvestment or undertaking unnecessary obligations.


FORTECH Consulting is an independent advisory firm.

The company has been created for Investors who :

i)  develop, want to acquire or own and manage hotel property

ii) have real estate assets for sale

iii) looks for interesting real-estate projects for execution

iv) need equity or debt financing

Regarding hotel projects we offer full range of professional advice ranging from site selection and help in it’s preferred acquisition, through product definition, investment planning, financing organization (debt and equity), up to operation management and resale agency services.

In our efforts we are servicing all stages of investment cycle – we are particularly proud of our negotiating competences in franchise and management agreements execution with top hotel brands in the industry.

Regarding all kinds of real-estate investment projects we offer consulting, and transaction services, for housing and residential projects we create an unique and dedicated sales strategies, manage the sales and marketing process .  / To learn more, see "OFFER" /

I invite you to cooperation,


Marcin J. Podobas
Managing Partner