Coronavirus update


Dear Colleagues & Friends

We just want you to know that we are thinking of you during this challenging times , and we are holding you and your associates in our thoughts and as we all struggle to adjust to the rapidly changing world around us WE are part of ONE family - a family that stretches around of Poland - and truly we are all in this together. In this time of reflection, we are aware more than ever about the need of suggestions and support to overcome this situation. 

You are not alone in this struggle - Our team and network are ready to assist you with the support and advice to consult with on the phone or via email - absolutely free of charge -  following issues :

1/ Immediate operating actions to maintain cash liquidity
2/ Immediate actions to react for clients resignations and claims for cash reimbursements
3/ Consulting advice related to mantain personnel on board
4/ Consulting advice how to deal with providers and business partners
5/ Consulting advice related to franchise and management agreements and fees related
6/ Consulting advice related to financing agreements, suspension of payments, restructurization etc.
7/ Consultng advice related to redefinition of hotel functions, building management, adoptions and market response, hotel re-opening
8/ CONDO projects, payment of premiums, suspension of business, re-opening
9/ All other hotel related issues

Please call or email to our Partners:

- Marcin J. Podobas - Managing Partner - on all issues related to points no. 5,6 & 9. Phone : 693 004 888, e-mail : 
- Erhard Noreisch - Senior Partner - on all issues related to points no. 2,3 & 9. Phone : 698 688 867, e-mail : 
- Jerzy Miklewski - Partner - on all issues related to points no. 7 & 9. Phone : 606 996 946, email : 
- Emanuele Dalnodar - Partner - on all issues related to points no. 1,4,7,8 & 9. Phone : 606 942 200, email : 
- Artur Pietraszewski - Partner -  on all issues related to points no. 8 & 9. Phone : 602 225 901, email :  

Please note that since we receive requests for help every day since coronavirus pandemia attacked Poland we may be unable to respond immediately but we will do our best to call you back or write you back in the soonest possible time. Obviously our support must be limited to provision of most important advice and tools which could potentially help every Owner ad Manager in shortest possible time.      

We really think of you as family !
Stay in touch, stay safe & stay healthy !
In Solidarity, 
Your Fortech Team