Site selection and evaluation

Site selection is key factor for every project.

We will help you to find and acquire appropriate plot of land for the planned investment or evaluate and establish potential and possibilities of the land which you already own.

Product definition / Market study

Good location is a beginning. When you have it, it is important that you maximize it.

As you won’t develop a 20-room pension house in the center of a large city, you also won’t build 400-room, 5-star hotel next to the steel works.

We will help you to define right hotel product for your location and we will analyze local market.

We will adapt the product to the macroeconomic environment and to a specific location.

Business plan

From good business depends a lot. For example, whether you get a loan. But also whether the whole idea for the construction / modernization / refinancing or repositioning of your hotel makes sense.

We will help you to check it out, count, well describe and adequately present.

Operator selection

Decision how to manage the hotel is another strategic factor that you need to consider. Nothing is certain or obvious. For one specific property operator "X" can be the best possible, for another property the same operator could be the worst choice.

Another question is whether your property should be under a management contract or under franchise agreement.  How it should be resolved? Also,  you may wish to managedirectly yourself and not to involve anyone.

We will help you to take the right decision. We will show the strengths and weaknesses of the operators, the good and dangerous sides of agreements.  At the end we will suggest the best scenario for you.

Contract negotiations

Developing a favorable and secure management contract or franchise agreement is a rare skill.

Excellent knowledge of the law is not sufficient. You need to know the nuances, to know who on what draws attention to, what is important and what is not. Finally, what can and should be negotiated, and what is a waste of time.

We have many years experience in the analysis and negotiation of contracts with leading global operators such as Carlson Rezidor, Hilton Worldwide, InterContinental Hotel Group, Marriott International and Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

We will help you not only to choose the best partner for your project, but also in getting the best possible contract terms.


..and at the end is always about the money ..

Your hotel can fulfill your dreams, it may be the realization of your ambition, can be beautiful and unique but primarily MUST EARN.

If you have a lot of money - we will help you spend as little as possible to reach the goal. But, if you do not want to engage too many of your own funds and you want to limit and control the financial risks, we will help you find the right partners on both the equity and the debt sides.

FORTECH Consulting works with many financial and industry investors, helping to organize issues of shares, as well as to raise debt financing in the form of bonds and bank loans.

Agency services

Want to sell or buy a hotel property ? Superbly. We are finding potential sellers and buyers.

We help you to value hotel properties and prepare transaction.

On behalf of the Client's we conduct financial, operational and legal due diligence. Our goal is to bring our Customer the highest value in the shortest time.

Human Resources

It is said that the company's greatest asset is the people. This is true especially in the hospitality. Nothing can hurt as bad reputation, and nothing can so help as loyal, professional and warm staff.

FORTECH Consulting helps to find the right people in the industry on the job position required by the Client, ranging from Managing Director by the sales and marketing team, administration, F & B, on the roomservice ending.

Corporate Advisory

Your hotel is not the property itself. This is usually the company and big business with a lot of problems with costs, taxes, legal or employee issues.

FORTECH Consulting helps to solve these problems, we have advised publicly listed companies, dealt with the crisis situations.

We will help to solve any problem related to the functioning of the company. Up to Owner’s satisfaction.