Residential projects


If you are a developer, owner of residential project, we will help you to properly define the product, we shall conduct a market study, define expected by potential customers standard, functions, elements of infrastructure, determine possible pricing, analyze competition offers and at the end, we will develop and implement best for your project marketing strategy and sales policy.

We have a team of specialists in the field of sales and marketing. We are able to create your own sales department, our specialists has been working for Poland's largest developers, they are sellers, marketers, as well as programmers and designers involved in positioning of housing projects on the Internet. This is COMPLETE team of professionals holding in the acquis completed projects throughout the country, both in the premium standard in big cities or tourist destinations, as well as the popular segment in medium-sized cities.

Our offer is directed primarily to small and medium-sized developers wanting to outsource their marketing and sales as well as to financial institutions, which in the resources have got uncompleted, unsold projects with sales problems.