The success of every single project depends on the location. Our experts know it perfectly well, that’s why they help you find the right plot for your investment. At Fortech Consulting, we define and rate the market potential of those locations you already possess. Furthermore, we also prepare analyses of the market and of the competition as well as the financial analysis of individual locations and projects. Every single analysis is always compliant with the current bank standards and acknowledged by the top financial institutions in our country.

A good business plan is the pillar of every successful project. It allows to verify the project assumptions as well as to define the investment budget, operational budget and preopening, budget of the project. Quite often, the initial assumptions are negative, yet introducing proper changes allows to avoid very costly expenses in the building/functioning phase. The Fortech Consulting experts create business plans, prepare feasibility studies for dozens of hotel projects. Our studies are appreciated by the leading banks and financial institutions in the hotel, condohotel and dormitory market. Thus far, we’ve helped many of our Clients define their projects correctly, plan their budgets, define the strategies and obtain financing. Our studies are the key element of the credibility and success of every single investment.

Choosing the way of managing the hotel is yet another crucial decision which the Client must take. We help our Clients select the best management method for their facility, may it be a hotel, a condohotel or a dormitory, based on:

  • management contracts
  • franchise contracts
  • lease contracts

We conduct offer bidding competitions for hotel chains, compare offers of individual chains and brands in detail, assessing their sales force, operating results, functionality and market power of their booking engines, support offered for the hotel by the chain in all the operation areas. We compare average valuation of hotels in given brand as well as any check the costs and payments which our Client makes indirectly or directly. In this way, basing on detailed recommendations, we choose our future hotel chain partner.

It’s not a piece of cake to draw up a profitable and safe management or franchise contract. Even if your knowledge of law is impressive, that’s still not enough. A good hotel expert should know all the nuances of contract templates (each chain has one of its own), know who pays attention to what, which elements of the contract are of paramount importance, which can and should be negotiated and which would be just a waste of time.
We’ve gained lots of experience in analysing as well as negotiating contracts with the most crucial world operators like for instance: Accor Hotels, Hilton Worldwide, InterContinental Hotels Group, Louvre Hotels, Marriott International or Rezidor Hotel Group.
We help our Clients find the best hotel chain partner for their project as well as get the most profitable contract conditions possible.

We help our Clients plan the right financial structure of their project, both on the capital and on the debt side, too. Our company cooperates with many financial and branch investors, helps to organise share and stock issues as well as obtain financing in the form of bank loans and bonds. Moreover, we also cooperate with the best Polish banks, leasing companies, investment funds and brokerage firms.

People are said to be the most precious capital of every company. That’s right, especially in the hotel industry. Nothing can destroy a hotel as much as a bad reputation and nothing can help it as greatly as a loyal, qualified and warm-hearted team.
At Fortech Consulting, we help our Clients find the right people for the right jobs. No matter if you’re looking for a Managing Director, employees for your sales department, administration, reception, F&B, C&B, SPA or housekeeping. The hotel industry is our world.

We offer preopening services for chain and independent hotels. Dozens of hotels all around the word have been opened with our assistance so far. Having lots of experience and the operative knowledge required, we can offer you the Interim Management service (temporal management) for the franchise hotels and full service for independent facilities, too.

Our audits:

  • Finance, includes full accounting audit and checking the operator / network settlements.
  • Operation, concerns all the hotel departments and all the services provided at the hotel.
  • Law, consists in analysing the implementation of the provisions and conditions of the operator contracts, commercial contracts, contracts with suppliers, with clients and other contracting parties.
  • Technical condition, allows to assess the technical condition of the property, its compliance with the brand standards, categorisation requirements, when purchasing or selling hotels, condohotels and dormitories.

We value hotels, condohotels and dormitories at purchase and sale. We carry out financial and operational due diligence. Furthermore, we also help our Clients find a buyer for a functioning hotel, dormitory or a development project. For buyers, we provide purchase consultancy. Our current offers can be found on the subpage HOTEL AND REAL ESTATE OFFERS.