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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The times are difficult, changing every single minute. We are all most worried, uncertain of what comes tomorrow and whether we shall make it to the next month. Now, more than any time before, we need to remember we are all part of one and the same family, the hotel family of Poland. Our company believes to be a part thereof, too, and wishes to help so that you can win this battle. We believe in you, even if you’ve already lost faith in yourself at all. With our support and suggestions, you’ll soon recover, you’ll see.

Don’t you forget you’re not alone on this battlefield. Our team and all of our experts are ready to give you a helping hand. You can call us or e-mail us, free of charge, and ask about:

1 / Taking up instant operative action in order not to lose cash liquidity

2 / Taking up instant action and responding when a Client cancels their booking and demanding                            a refund

3 / Consulting on staff management and keeping the team at the hotel

4 / Advise on dealing with suppliers and business partners

5 / Consulting on franchise and management contracts as well as any charges related thereto

6 / Advise on financing contracts, suspension of payment, restructuring etc.

7 / Advise on redefining the hotel, changing the hotel’s function, building management, adapting to the market, reopening the hotel

8 / Consulting on condoprojects, payment of bonuses, suspension of the activity, reopening  

9 / All the other issues connected with the hotel operation

Our partners are at your disposal:

– Marcin J. Podobas – Managing Partner – all the issues concerning points 5, 6 and 9. Telephone: +48 693 004 888, e-mail:

– Erhard Noreisch – Senior Partner – all the issues concerning points 2, 3 and 9. Telephone: +48 698 688 867, e-mail:

– Jerzy Miklewski – Partner – all the issues concerning points. 7 and 9. Telephone: +48 606 996 946,             e-mail:

– Emanuele Dalnodar – Partner – all the issues concerning points 1,4,7,8 and 9. Telephone: +48 606 942 200, e-mail:

– Artur Pietraszewski – Partner – all the issues concerning points 8 and 9. Telephone: +48 602 225 901, e-mail:

Please remain calm and understanding. Every single day, many people need our help due to the coronavirus pandemic which has swept through the whole country. It may happen that we won’t be able to respond immediately, but we swear to do our utmost and call you or e-mail you back as soon as possible. Of course, we cannot give you much more than these most crucial suggestions or the tools which might be useful for every hotel owner or manager and which may be applied quickly.

All our thoughts are with you in these weird, gloomy times,

Let’s stay in touch, safe and healthy!

We stand together and then we are strong,

Your Fortech Team

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